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Mar. 26th, 2012


She's dead, Jim.

This journal, after a long life and a long undeath, is now dead. For all my LiveJournalings (which, the hope is, will be more plentiful), go check me out here:


Feel free to add me if you haven't been added already. Hope to see you there, and if not, well, it's been real.

Feb. 14th, 2011


Holy cats!

It's been since early August since I last updated, and that wasn't much of an update.

Life has been alright of late, been working and just kind of loafing around. Been trying to flex the writer muscle a little, not as much as I'd like but better than nothing at all. Spending time with Lissa as much as I can. We visit one another as often as we can which, for now, is enough.

Things are good! I can't really think of much to write (hence the lack of posting of late), so I'll cut this short. I check in from time to time, so don't think I've cut everyone off or anything!

Aug. 3rd, 2010


For you lame-os without Facebook...

...it's probably been a while since you last saw a photo of me. So here's my current one:

Jul. 28th, 2010


Life Update (again)

4:06 pm i is a robot
(4:06:49 PM): i is for work
(4:06:55 PM): i is work hard and not do sleep
(4:06:57 PM): i is a robot
(4:07:08 PM): i is make food and drink
(4:07:10 PM): i is a robot
(4:07:15 PM): beep

Zinon 4:07 pm
(4:07:27 PM): ._o

May. 8th, 2010


Life Update

Been neglecting the ol' blog. My bads.

The biggest thing to update you folks that aren't Facebookers on is my new job! It's another fast food place, but it's better than nothing. Plus it's customer service, which I am happy with. I like it so far, but it's only been a week. Today in particular showed me how out of practice I am doing the fast food thing, sort of failed pretty hard here and there and had that weird new job voice in the back of my head saying 'oh my god oh my god they are going to fire your whole face'.

Which, of course, is ridiculous. If I may be fair to myself for a moment, I actually, overall, did pretty decent this week (considering it was the first week).

In other news, Kameron's first birthday party is fast approaching! Pretty excited.

...I honestly thought I had more to touch on. If I think of something later I'll toss it on here.

Mar. 17th, 2010


(no subject)

shadowederos 2:54 pm
(2:54:51 PM):     Sean, let's make a million dollars.

Shadowederos 2:54 pm
(2:54:51 PM): Sean, let's make a million dollars.

UidLuc1d 2:54 pm
(2:54:58 PM): Okie dokie

shadowederos 2:55pm
(2:55:04 PM): Okay. Now how do we do that.

Shadowederos 3:15 pm

(3:15:53 PM): And no I will not be a prostitute and you my pimp

uidLuc1d 3:16 pm
(3:16:11 PM):     Murder a rich person, assume their identity, and sell badgers to grade school children.  Now these badgers have to be trained in no less then 4 forms of martial arts as well as hypnosis.

shadowederos 3:16 pm
(3:16:51 PM):     Hmm.

(3:16:54 PM):     Go on.

UidLuc1d 3:17 pm
(3:17:22 PM):     Now, once the badgers have assimilated themselves into the homes of the families we can move on to step two of the plan which is to trigger a pre-programmed psychological trigger in the badgers brains which will be broad casted by short wave radio signals.

UidLuc1d 3:18pm
(3:18:06 PM): When this happens, the badgers will murder their host families, steal their bread and lunch meats, bring both back to you so you can GET YOUR FUCKING ASS BACK IN THE KITCHEN AND MAKE ME A GOD DAMN SANDWICH.

shadowederos 3:18 pm
(3:18:20 PM):     HAHA

(3:18:23 PM):     Well played.

uidLuc1d 3:18 pm
(3:18:33 PM):     :D

shadowederos 3:18 pm
(3:18:40 PM):     That could possibly be the most complicated way anyone has ever called me a bitch.

uidLuc1d 3:18 pm
(3:18:57 PM):     Thats how I roll.

Mar. 8th, 2010


(no subject)

This news has been a long time coming to those outside the tightly knit trust circle I have: I have a son! His name is Kameron Michael Johnsen and he'll be one year on May 14th of this year.

Feb. 17th, 2010


It's a long post kind o' week, baby

Law test yesterday, exam in my computer applications class today along with 'lot drawing' for presentation order on Wednesday. I'd be lying if I said I was more nervous about the presentation than the exams. I honestly really hate class presentations. Not that I don't see why they exist, I just honestly and truly hate them.

Coming up on the halfway point of the semester, I can honestly say that I hit some rocky ground this time around when compared to last semester around the same time. By no means am I failing (I'm actually sitting at around a low A or high B in all of my classes), but my 'groove' is definitely off and I'm just sort of floundering about, trying to keep ahold of everything. I have had a few slip ups, though less due to my own failures and moreso to the class itself falling behind schedule and the assignments either getting drastically pushed up or becoming due sooner than anticipated.

That last part has been especially true for my selling class, which is the devil that screams the Curse of Presentation at me and my bloodline with the hate of long ages past.

Despite that, I still have another whole half of the semester to go. I feel like after the halfway point things just sort of start coming together in terms of determination, focus and 'groove'.

tl;dr : I got this.


Beyond the college daze, the social life (see: relationship, because 'love life' is a bit alliterative and, let's face it, silly) has been a bit shakey. Though most of this shaking is likely just perceived, the fact that I'm perceiving it when I didn't before makes me question a thing or two. Such as, what changed (or didn't change) to make me feel like things are taking a bit of a dip?

By no means am I suggesting that my relationship is in any immediate danger, though I like to think I have a good thing going on here and I'd hate to see it go south, even if it was just for the winter (metaphorically speaking). It's just that I like to keep up on any problems, perceived or otherwise, before they go from problem to PROBLEM, if you catch my drift.

So, we have this (over) analysis of something that is more likely than not an imagined glitch in the system. I'd like to chalk it up to the mope I mentioned in the last entry, but only because, like the mope, I see no real foundation for it. I suppose there'll be more on this after I actually speak with the girlfriend about it.

tl;dr : Bitches be crazy.

Feb. 16th, 2010


Busy, busy

Classes and homework have had me busy of late, not to mention enjoying the company of my long-time friend who's only going to be around for another few weeks.

I was trying to decide whether to go to spring semester or summer semester, and right now I'm definitely hitting spring, while summer is still up in the air. The idea of doing Summer semester is a little scary, given some of the horror stories I've heard of how it can be rushed with large student numbers in classes. Yeeugh.

I register for spring this Monday, which seems really early, since we're not even half into winter semester. But, hey, get it done and over with, I s'pose.

This semester is going alright, I guess. It could be better (but can't it always?). Not much more to comment on in that regard.


In unrelated news, I've been down in the dumps of late. Not crushing depression or anything that dramatic, but a notable amount of The Mope. I'm not really sure as to the cause of it, which is frustrating, so hopefully it dies out once my brain figures out that there's nothing to really mope about.


Lastly, I've been writing in the dream journal again, or at least trying to. Been having really odd, vivid, imaginative dreams. Really good ideas for stuff to write (both journal-wise and story-wise). In fact, I managed to start a little progress on a project based on a dream/nightmare that's in the dream journal from nearly two years ago. Kind of nice to be writing again, even if it is only a tiny bit here and there. I'll share some of the better stuff with you guys once it's satisfying.

Feb. 1st, 2010


Fiefed from Andi

Wow this is long, my bad!Collapse )

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